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Making Ice-Creams? Know-How An Ice Cream Batch Freezer Operates?

Posted by Admin on November, 23, 2020

There exists a large number of artistic chefs across the globe who uses particular kitchen equipment, despite having zero knowledge of it and its functions. If you ever approach one of these chefs and seek answers on how accuracy is maintained by the immersion circulators and even how an ice-cream batch freezer works, they wouldn’t be staring blank at your face.

Inside every ice-cream store, you would come across an ice-cream batch freezer to be the most underrated and least known equipment of all.

Ice Cream Batch Freezer

A batch freezer is nothing but a machine that is commercially used to produce large amounts of ice cream, sherbet, frozen custard, sorbet, and gelato. In this batch freezer, the product fusion, also termed as a base, is frozen and simultaneously whipped to make a smooth consistency in the favorite frozen desserts that we all enjoy consuming today. There are four major types of batch freezers:

• Multi-Purpose
• Regular Horizontal
• All-in-one Combination
• Open Vertical

A batch freezer is an ideal option for small and medium businesses when it comes to volume output. This is because it enables you to produce varying product volumes. A small ice cream machine of 115 volts engineered for residential purposes can process only little amounts of liquid product mix, however, a batch freezer can process as much as 6 gallons. No wonder why the ice-cream batch freezer manufacturer has gained so much popularity since the last decade by the ice-cream industry.

The Difference Between an Ice-Cream Batch Freezer and a Continuous Freezer

When compared to a continuous freezer with a batch freezer, the former has no processing capacity limits and is quite versatile for all types and sizes of business. The continuous freezer is known to shave off the fine layers from the product mix within the beaker and as a result, produces frozen desserts with a smooth and creamy texture.

How Does Ice Cream Batch Freezers Function?

• An ice-cream batch freezer just like a car comprises of the main engine which is termed as the condensing unit. The compressing unit makes use of the environmental-friendly Freon and thereafter compresses it to a cold liquid. The compressed Freon is thereafter pumped inside the freezing cylinder.

• You can find a barrel inside the machine, where the mix of product is poured into. During the product mix being poured inside the barrel, there exist pipes filled with the solution of water and freon, that encircles the barrel to have the product frozen.

• During the operation of the machine, spinning blades are present inside the barrel which whips and infuses the mixture with air while simultaneously having the product frozen. This results in the product to tab air bubbles that are frozen, henceforth, lending a smooth texture to the product besides a firm structure.

• The air mixed with the product is referred to as the overrun and most of the ice-cream batch freezers comprise of 30-35% overrun level.

• With the quick spinning of the blade spins, the ice crystals get smaller, thus resulting in the smoother finished products. There exist machines that can aid you to evaluate the total overrun of the product.

If you are thinking of purchasing a supreme quality ice cream batch freezer, then contact the experts to seek advice on which model shall best fit you. The model must cater to all your business requirements. So, think before buying one.

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